About Sheepdog

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When your sights are only set on seats in the cloud, it’s easy to forget about who the cloud is actually for. Our focus is on people, the work they need to get done, and the technology, support, collaboration and communication that helps them do it better.

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As Canada’s longest serving Google Premier Partner, Sheepdog’s experienced team has deployed cloud solutions across literally hundreds of organizations, large and small. Our Google-certified analysts and engineers are expert in working to get your organization cloud-ready, guiding you every step of the way in making the switch.

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Founded following a 2007 visit to Google’s Mountain View campus, Sheepdog was born positioned at the forefront of cloud computing from the very beginning. Sheepdog was one of just nine Google Apps Partners worldwide at the time, joining a small but determined contingent of companies that would disrupt the traditional enterprise software market with the power of Google Apps.

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Since then, under the leadership of founder Brandon Kolybaba, Sheepdog has helped more than 400 clients across North America realize the potential of cloud computing. Along the way, in addition to earning long standing as a Google Premier Partner (Google’s highest partner tier), Sheepdog has received a number of awards and accolades, most recently being named Atlantic Canada’s Fastest Growing Company by Progress Magazine.

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